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Imagine for a second, how your business and life would change if you could control how many customers/clients you get every single month…

Not just people that are shopping around for the best price and lowest quality, but customers that value you and your business and are willing to pay the price you’ve set for your products and services. 

Most business owners have no way to attract their ideal clients, and as a result, they experience stagnant growth and give up on the very thing that was supposed to secure their future.

You finding this website was no accident. I have engineered it this way and no matter how “organic” it may seem, I have deployed dozens of proven strategies to get this page in front of you and the results are clear, You’re here!

Instead of wasting your time on marketing campaigns that lose you money, cause you stress and cause late nights yelling at your computer, wouldn’t it be smarter to hand the reins over to the people who get consistent and profitable results for local businesses on a daily basis?

I know, You’ve heard this all before with the last agency you hired. They promised you the world and when it came to delivering on their promises, you were met with more excuses than the Australian parliament in question time.

The truth is this…

What they call social media marketing is typically only social media management and they don’t even know it!

Posting up scheduled posts on Facebook, Instagram or any other platform is about as effective as word of mouth. You may get a couple of nibbles but your fishing from an overcrowded pier!

We have our own ship and fish in the deep blue sea where there are plenty of potential clients waiting to spend their money.

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  We think so too!

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Why are we so awesome? 

While there are other agencies in the market screaming about all of the services they offer (and claiming to have mastered them all), we are here, lurking in the shadows, keeping our finger on the pulse while staying razor sharp and ready to strike at the right moment.

We are out there every day practising what we preach, building out systems that are designed with market tested principles and tactics to find, nurture and sell you to your ideal client!

If you’re looking for an agency who is transparent, lives and breathes real world marketing strategy and delivers tangible results, look no further than Pixelbay!

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