What’s the deal with Pixelbay?

We take digital marketing to the next level with three simple steps!


No matter what you’ve heard about advertising, Just putting your message out on social media isn’t enough to bring the results you need. Think of a billboard. How many times a day do you see them? And out of those times (that you can actually remember) how many times has a billboard stopped you in your tracks,made you forget what you were doing, got you to pull out your phone and call the number written on it?

Yeah, That’s what I thought..

Advertising is an art form and science. Writing compelling and persuasive ads takes practice, dedication and time. Something We’ve learnt the hard way!

We put the right ads in front of the right people to get you the results that you need.  It all starts with nailing this step to get your business on the radar of your ideal clients


After you’re on the radar of the people who are most likely to buy, you need a way to contact them. This is where most business owners drop the ball and it costs them dearly! Usually when businesses are running ads on social media, they send their ideal client to their website in the hopes that they will get the phone ringing,

but… it never does

Sending people to your website is probably the WORST THING that you could do!


Because people need direction and this is where our professional, high converting landing pages kick in to gather the information of your prospects, turning them into red hot leads for your business!


The selling process is the most integeral part of your marketing campaign. This is where we turn your leads into customers. We will assist you with this step however, this will require your commitment as well! It doesn’t matter how many highly qualified leads we send to you, if they don’t turn into profit for your business everything up to this point has been a waste of time..


We’ll develop follow up systems to help you close the deal and streamline the sales process to give you back your time while making the most amount of profit possible!

Sounds awesome?

Get in contact with us now to see how we can turn every $1 into $3 in your campaign!


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